What Goes into a Talon Video Server?

Talon Video Security products are built from the ground up to serve the needs of restaurants and retail stores. Sure we record video - just like everyone else does. What makes us different is advanced integration with your Point of Sale system that allows you to search video by key terms. Just imagine being able to pull-up a video clip for every "Void", "No-Sale" or "Comp" in just minutes. Get unparalleled operational insight with a Talon Video System.

Talon Features

Every Talon Video Server is Packed with the Features You Need to Manage Your Retail Business
Check Out These Standard Features

Advanced POS Integration

Point of sale text overlay gives you unparalleled insight into store operations by synchronizing video and receipt information.

Remote View

With Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad, Talon gives you the ability to view real-time video.

Video Search

You don't need to watch video all day to find problems; Search by keyword, motion or time frame.

High-Resolution Video

Purpose-Built for retail installations, Talon give you the video quality you need to manage your business.


There's a limit to the number of monthly fees that you can pay. The limit with a Talon system is none.
You own the server so you'll be absolutely free of unnecessary fees.

Talon Servers

Is Profit Walking Out the Door?

Talon combines the archival power of video with the information contained in your point of sale system
to give you give you the power to fight these common in-store scams.

Sweetheart Deals

Beep, beep, beep... The cashier looks like he is ringing up every item but are friends & family paying a lower price?

Slip & Fall Fakes

Your customer slips on a banana peel. Talon provides a video record of slip & fall accidents both real and fake.

Top Shelf Switch

The bartender rings up a well-drink and reaches for the top-shelf liquor. Video with integrated POS data sees it all.

Comp for the Cash

At the end of the night your assistant manager comps a tab settled with cash and pockets the money.

Out with the Trash

When employees take out the trash do they go straight to the can & back or do they stop to drop off product in their cars?

I'm Running Late, Clock me in!

Talon helps to verify time clock entries with a video record. Store employees have no choice but to show up on time.

Point of Sale Integrations

Here are a few point of sale and cash register integrations that we've done
Contact us if you don't see your point of sale system listed

NCC Reflection

Software for Restaurants & Retail

SAM4s Cash Registers

Innovative cash registers

Aloha by NCR

Restaurant Software


Innovative Retail Software

ASI Restaurant Manager

Restaurant Software


Restaurant Software

Future POS

Restaurant Software


Restaurant Software

See the Difference with POS Integration

Get unparalleled operational oversight with real-time point of sale receipt data integrated with in-store video.

Without Talon

Without Talon

Standard video provides very little oversight. You can see
that the bartender is ringing-up drinks, but there's no
way to tell what he's charging for.

With Talon

Without Talon

Real-Time POS Data Integration shows problems as they
occur giving you insight that's not available with standard
video or POS reporting alone.

The Wrong Way to do POS Text Integration

Not all POS Text Integration is created equal
Ask your video provider if they use any of these methods for POS Text Integration


Static Text Overlay is not searchable leaving you hours of video watching to find the right clip


Pole Display Output is incomplete and does not include a lot of critical transaction information


Many applications output receipt data at the end of the sale which is not real-time with the video


An Extreme Closeup is not a good substitute for POS integration because the service area cannot be seen

Talon Hardware

Built from the ground up for retail store operations,
Talon DVR hardware is designed for durability

Talon Secure

A retail-hardened video server with locking front and ample drive space

Built to order with your store in mind, the Talon Secure server hardware is our most robust platform with the maximum space for video channels and storage drives. This chassis is secured with a locking front and has an industry-standard 4U Rack-Mount design.

Talon Mini Server Case

Talon Mini

Built for tight spaces, the mini case is a huge performer

When size matters most, the Talon Mini server hardware can make the most of a small space. While limited in the number of storage drives and video channels, this chassis still gets the job done in a big way. The Mini chassis has space for one optical drive and a single video drive.

Hardware Facts

Assembled in our Beaverton, Oregon facility, every Talon Server is built-to-order with your store in mind

Dedicated Hard Drives

Talon servers have a separate hard drive for the operating system and another one for dedicated video storage, the most reliable design in the industry

Burn-In Testing

Every Talon server is tested for reliability before it ever reaches your store. Our testing helps to ensure that you will have a trouble free installation

Consistent Components

We source quality components and maintain a reference design that ensures that out servers have consistent components for longer periods of time

Media Drives

We use hard drives that are designed by the manufacturer specifically for the rigors of video storage ensuring a longer service life

Talon Versions

All video servers are not created equal. Find the Talon Server series that best fits your store.
All Talon Servers feature Advanced POS Integration with Searchable Text.

  • ES Server
    Value Series
  • Up to 16 CHANNELS
  • 704x480 MAX RESOLUTION
  • FS Server
    Fusion Series
  • Up to 32 CHANNELS

Features and product specifications are subject to change without notice. POS integration is limited by the output from the host device. Ask your POS reseller for a demonstration to understand the features of the POS Text Integration with your cash register or point of sale software. To enable remote viewing, you must have Internet service with the upload bandwidth required for streaming video and you must have proper Internet security installed.

How To Buy

Talon products are sold through a network of dedicated Point of Sale resellers to ensure that your video system works seamlessly with your existing point of sale system or cash register.

To find out more about the product or to locate a reseller, contact us.

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Retail Threat Center

The Talon Retail Threat Center tracks the business of retail security through the popular press.
With the scope of retail security problems, these issues are vital to the survival of retailers everywhere.

Retailers Still Finding Cases of Credit Card Pin Pad Tampering

Last year a craft retailer reported finding pin pad payment devices in-store that had been tampered with or replaced. The sophisticated security breach allowed hackers to steal full card data and pins from both ATM & credit cards. A book retailer is reporting a similar breach that was detected at over 60 stores. The book chain is now on the defensive, working with federal investigators and trying to ensure customers that they can safely buy from their stores. Talon DVR can help detect and deter the physical tampering of payment terminals and other security devices in the retail store and provides a superior audit trail once an intrusion is detected.

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